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Thursday, January 10, 2013

MSL- Freestyle #1(UK hip hop)

Watch "LAH Media || MSL - Freestyle #2 Prod DJ Premiere [Season #1]" on YouTube

Shouts out to London rapper @infamosmslsly1for hitting us up via Twitter. We have decided that even though its a one minute track, it's still worthy of a repost here at Hip Nomads. So without further ado, we present to you MSL so don't hesitate to take a listen.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bluey Robinson ft Joe Black- Late Shift (UK hip hop)

Watch "SB.TV - Bluey Robinson ft. Joe Black - "Late Shift" [S6.EP29]" on YouTube

This isn't a hip hop track but it's still featuring one of the UK's top underground rappers, Joe Black. The track starts off with the impressive vocals of Bluey Robinson setting the tone for a mellow yet riveting track but also features a verse from Joe Black who never ceases to amaze me with more real talk being done by him. So its a definite listen for anyone who wants to get a feel for what it's like listening to one of the UK's most promising r&b acts and one of London's best underground rappers.
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

SAS ft emilio rojas, Marvin Ambrosius- Team Global(UK hip hop)

Watch "SAS - Team Global ft. Emilio Rojas & Marvin Ambrosius (Prod. By The Ninetys) [Coming To America]" on YouTube
This track is sure to be a nice banger especially with American rapper Emilio Rojas featured as well as Marshal Ambrosius' brother on there too. The track from London rapper SAS poses a serious listen for all fans. So enjoy.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Black The Ripper- Unreleased Shit Vol 3 mixtape(UK hip hop) Check out the new mixtape from  Black The Ripper titled Unreleased shit vol 3. This is our second mixtape posted on the site and is definitely sure to be an easy yet lyrical hard-hitter as the London rapper always does on his music. It's the follow-up to his new mixtape entitled "married to marijuana" soon to be out in Jan 2013. For now here is some new music for your enjoyment so enjoy. Follow @BlackTheRipper on Twitter.

Black the Ripper- Crown Me (UK hip hop)

Watch "Black the Ripper - Crown Me [High Quality]" on YouTube

Check out new music from @BlackTheRipper called Crown Me. This is from his new mixtape "Unreleased shit vol 3" which is essentially a collection of songs which the North London rapper decided not to release on his preceding projects. The song is a definite must listen so enjoy.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kasha Rae- I'm back (UK hip hop)

Watch "Kasha Rae - I'm Back (Prod. By Composure) [The Rappers Digest]" on YouTube

Shouts out to @KashaRaemusic for this one. This track may be almost a month old but its still a certified banger amongst the hip hop elite. The London raps on a rather up tempo beat to solidify his comeback. One to dwell on so enjoy.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mic Righteous- Rivals (UK hip hop)

Watch "Mic Righteous - Rivals (Yob Culture)" on YouTube

A real fiercely laced track from none other than @MicRighteous.  Even though this track is almost a year old from the Margate rapper,  its still one of those tracks from the Yon culture mixtape which will still leave you an awe. So enjoy

Yungen ft Ari- Off The Record (UK hip hop)

This is probably one of the realest tracks I've heard from @YungenPlayDirty ever. The London rapper raps about the ills and outcomes of his life. A few weeks old but its still a real good listen so check out the track and enjoy.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

J Lynch ft Cerose- River of Dreams (UK hip hop)

Here comes another track from almost a month ago. This track is called river of dreams made by J lynch featuring fellow London rapper Cerose. A nice lyrical feel good track which sure to be a great listen. So enjoy.